Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Day That Salt Tasted Like Pepper and Also The Opposite Of That Was True As Well

The day that salt tasted like pepper and pepper tasted like salt a young boy developed a phobia of pretzels.

On that day, there were 10032 entrees and 6705 "appletizers" sent back to the kitchens at applebees franchises all over the United States. No one was satisfied.

On that day, a particularly adventurous eater discovered a spicy new treat after killing slugs in her garden.

On that day, a mayor of a small georgia town ate a banana for a snack and nothing particularly bad happened.

On that day a man in west palm beach florida was sentenced to 30 days in jail for unlicensed juggling in a public space; though this has nothing to do with the fact that salt tasted like pepper (and vice versa)

On that day, three friends from high school in Kiowa county in Colorado started a metal band that will not win at the talent show. They had pizza rolls for a snack, they all thought they tasted funny. One of them later grew up to be diabetic.

On that day, everyone thought they had a brain tumor for about 5 minutes.

On that day, a diligent sufferer of high blood pressure had their first panic attack.

On that day, a young farmer from winnipeg was trampled to death by her horses.

On that day the president of Morton Salt committed suicide with the revolver he kept hidden in the locked middle left drawer of his desk.

On that day four separate cults were started.

On that day that salt tasted like pepper and the reverse was true as well.

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