Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Grandmother Cares 4:GRANDMA UPDATE!

Hi, how is everybody. I am enjoying learning to use the internet. My grandson Chet was kind enough to hook me up to email and I have been soaring through the world wide internet ever since. I love seraching for recipes and I even discovered these things called laugh cats. They are so precious. These little kitties say things like "I would also like a cheeseburger" anyway on to recent news.

Grampa might soon be taking the world by storm as a writer for comedy. He had an idea for that Jeff Fuxworthy comedian. (He is the one who says you would be a redneck if) here is grampa's idea "you would be a redneck if you had a dartboard in your living room" LOL! (that means that you laughed out loud. It is a type of internet speak). Be sure to visit us from hollywood when the checks start rolling in.

RECIPE UPDATE! I finally figured out what shepherds pie is. It is basically hamburgers with mashed potaoes in it. You might not have heard of it but I will be sure to make it the next time you all visit. I hope you are excited.

CATS UPDATE! Our cat died. RIP henry. We'll see you in heaven someday.

GRAMPA UPDATE! Grampa's arthritis has gotten worse. He can no longer use the remote, which puts him in quite a temper when that awful Cathy Zeta Jo-Anne woman comes on to advertise cell phones. He always said that if god intended us to talk on the phone outside he would have invented longer cords. That's Grampa for you!

DAUGHTER UPDATE! My daughter Sandy just "Came out" to me as a LESBIAN! She made me promise not to tell anyone since she says some of our relatives can be violent and bigoted but I thought it was important for her to have support in this difficult time of need. Be sure to pray for sandy's health. WE LOVE YOU SANDY!

NEIGHBOR UPDATE! That lous teenager who lives three doors down just broke his leg skateboarding. Hopefully that will shut him up for a while. God doesn't like back talkers.

That's all for now. See you all at the annual family thanksgiving dinner. (Sandy unfortunately will not be invited this year until she gives up on this phase she is going through, It's a shame but I am just doing what my church tells me is right)

God Bless!

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