Saturday, July 30, 2011

A wonderful work of Fan-Fiction


Goku was worried about the latest job that bulma had sent him on. he had to take down a cave of radioactive spiders. she had tracked one of the dragonballs to inside the radioactive spider cave. goku finished killing the spiders. after he said "I am tires of this eaight legged freaaks on this mother bleeping plane")!!!!!!. then he found a strange pod. he got in the vortex and pressed a button. "I wonder what this is" he said to tails the two leggg fox.

suddenlt he was in new york thugh spiderman did not know it yet then goku hit spiderman accidently and they fought. "Fuck I will kill you cause i'm" spiderman. goku said no and they fought hardest.!!!!goku won but then spiderman got stronger and beat goku up.

they said "cool" and" awesome.!!

sudenly there was a aliens and they had to team up. they fought really, really hard. and beat them and they found the aliens dragons balls and both went super saiyan and did fusion on eachother and then they. were spidergoku and they were friends. the end.
acept hen the train blew up cause doc optupos was back an mad and he summoneed all the differenct cells from dragonsbalss land and they had to double saiyan spider fusion. the n! goku kamehamesd the pidrmans webs and also captain america came (authors note I just saw this movie and it was good would reccomentd) they all trippleds fusion and fought doubly hard

they they won again an theer was no more evil to eve fought nad they won forever.

then they went to amusement park and road rollercaoaster for aever and eat so much cotton candy that say spidermans say "goku you ates more cotton candy then the time mary jane got kidnapped by venom they

all luaghed at joke spiderman maed and captain america asaid he had to go away now for war in country that was far way goku said if u "evern eed me" then "be sure to cal"l they all laughed again but then it was sad cause gok had to go back in the tim macine they all hugged and there awas a moment they almost could call each other brothers ibut it wasn;t to happen and go vback gpokuu did. whane he got back bulma was mad cause no food. suddenly a distrense from abouve!!!!!!!!

P.S. then they fought again. but this time they both won.

THE END.!!!!


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