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A Grandmother Cares 1:An Inspirational Tale of Faith

So from time to time my grandmother Joehn sends me email forwards that are rather interesting. They can be anything from inspirational stories, to joke lists, to important new and info. With my grandma's permission I have chosen to share with you some of the most entertaing and informative of her Email forwards. So here is the first in the series. -H.R. Whrigull

A Grandmother Cares 1: An Inspirational Tale of Faith


Hello all of my little lambs! Today I'd like to tell you the story of one of the youths of the church. His name is johnny and this is the story of his fall into sin and his eventual savior by the lord.


You see, Johnny had the whole world ahead of him. He had straight A's, Participated in many church sanctioned after school activities and was all set to join the army after graduating high school. But Johnny's sad fate would soon reveal itself, for he was about to fall into the dangerous world of VIOLENCE GANGS. It all started after school one day when johnny was walking to his bike to ride to his bible study group.

As he was unlocking his bike three tough looking black youths approached him. The worst of them all was Tarnell. Tarnell liked to disrespect the lords rules and had many piercings. He rarely went to church and always wore a black leather jacket with skulls on it. He walked up to johnny and said.

"Hi, johnny what are you doing today"

"Oh! Hello there tarnell, you startled me" Johnny said apprehensively "I am just on my way to bible study"

"Forget that nonsense" Tarnell said back at him "No one needs the bible, It's all dumb" (The other gang kids laughed when Tarnell said this) "I Can show you what you really need in life"

"While I disagree with your views on the bible and the Lord Jesus Christ..." Paul replied "as it says in episcoporpoiseleis 15:24 "Yay, do not judge unto the dark ones for you do not know of their ways, only when you have lived a day in their lands will you know trust and vicariously the Lord fully" Therefore I will go with you and see what you are talking about"

"Okay" said tarnell and they all road their bikes down the road.


Johnny and Tarnell and the gang soon arrived at a building Johnny had never seen before. It was grey and unmarked and had a pentagram graffiti painted on the side of it. This worried johnny, for he knew that the pentagram was the sign of the devil satan, though he knew the guidance of jesus would keep him safe. He entered and was shocked at what his eyes saw before him.

Topless men and women, gambling people, pornographic films playing, gangster rapping, drugs! Johnny almost fainted in shock at all this sin before him! Suddenly he felt a hard object pushing against his back. Tarnell was pointing a gun at his back. He heard Tarnell say.

"You better not tell. Come on let's go you will have lots of fun"

Johnny was unable to resist under the pressures of all this sin and soon gave in. He did every drug in the world and also had homosexual sex. Everything started to blur together for johnny and he did not wake up until the next morning on the front lawn of the church. When he opened his eyes he could not believe what he saw. Graffiti sprayed on the wall were the words "Satan is better than jesus" And "I love to be a sinner"!

While he did not remember many of the events of last night johnny knew in his heart that he was the culprit. He ran home as fast as he could and burst into the kitchen right as his parents were having breakfast.

"Oh, Dear" Johnny's father said "Where were you last night we were so worried about you"

"It's okay dad" Johnny had to think of a lie quickly "I was got caught up in the teaching of christ at bible study and lost track of time. When I realized how late it was I decided to spend the night reading to the homeless" This was the first time johnny had ever not honoured his father by telling a lie.

"Well those are all perfectly acceptable activities, but please do call next time before you spend the night at church" His mother said.

"Yes Ma'am" Johnny replied and he sat down and joined his mother and father for breakfast. He had gotten away with it for now. But his world would soon change.


As the months went on johnny started spending more and more time with Tarnell and the violence gang. They graffitied, They Got piercings and tattoos, They disrepected the elderly and they took the lords name in vain. Eventually johnnys grades slipped all the way down to a c average and he started snorting marijuana and wearing acid stickers on his skin between classes. One day he returned home from to school to find his father sitting in the kitchen with an open envelope in front of him.

"Johnny" He said "we need to talk" Johnny sat down across from his father

"Yeah Dad, What is it"

"Well johnny, I recieved this letter from the army addressed to you that says they are dropping you from the army because of your poor grades"

"Dad I..."

"Save it" Johnny's father said "Johnny, what's wrong with you lately, You seem completely different from the fine young man your mother and I raised" Johnny felt the guilt rising in his chest. He knew he couldn't keep up this lie anymore.


"It's okay you can tell me anything"

"I'm...In a violence gang"

Johnny's father seemed more shocked than he had ever seen him before. He soon composed himself and said

"While this is shocking, we have all strayed from the Lord at one time in our lives, I am confident that the good Lord will see you through this ordeal in time, Let us pray"

Johnny was thankful to have such a caring and religious father figure in his life. That night he gave thanks to the Lord and vowed never to spend time with Tarnell and his violence gang. The next day he gave up heroin forever.


A week later johnny was sent off to a religious recovery camp for 2 months. There he prayed for up to 5 hours a day and practiced charitable acts like raising canned goods for the local christian food bank. After his time was up he thanked his counselours and exchanged addresses with all the new good christian friends he made. He returned to his family who was very glad to see him (and glad to see that his piercings and tattoos were all gone). The very next sunday he confessed to grafitti painting the satanist messages on the church all that time ago. The lord forgave him and after graduating at the end of spring Johnny did get to join the army after all and got to do what he had always dreamed of. The End AMEN

While I am sad to report that johnny was killed by friendly fire in afghanistan 4 months into his tour of duty there is an important lesson for all this. Johnny did not keep the Lord as close to his soul and heart as he thought and therefore allowed the will of evil men into his soul which caused him to step off the righteous path. We can allow temptation to lead us astray. As it says in Draculities 3:213 "Do not take on his wicked ways, for in a day or two he will be gone and the evil will remain in your soul until your time of judgement" AMEN


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